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BE-Translating offers quality on time

Quality is paramount.

As state-authorised translators, we guarantee top-quality translations whether they are in English, Danish or a third language.

BE-Translating has been in business since the late 1990s and is proud of having a large number of happy customers and an approved network of international translators. Our numerous repeat customers act as a constant reminder that quality pays. It is what separates us from the competition and the ad-hoc, do-it-yourself alternative. Every translation is given our outmost attention — and before being returned to the customer, it has been read and approved by at least two persons to ensure the highest quality possible.

Our slogan “Quality on Time” is so much more than just a fancy tagline. We realise that it only takes one mediocre translation for our customers to find another supplier. We always strive to deliver top-quality translations — and always within if not well before the deadline.Try us out, and you will never look back…

What our customers have said…

“I have always been impressed with BE-Translating.
Having worked with them for several months now, they have proven to be very fast, accurate and reliable. They have really impressed me – always keeping within budget and deadlines. Even very short deadlines were met. BE-Translating have helped us with general, technical and legal translations. I would not hesitate in recommending them anytime.”

– Peter Brazier, WOM International (UK)

“We have worked with BE Translating on an ad hoc basis for the past 3 years. They have always been extremely reliable delivering highly technical book length translations as well as smaller less complex translations. They are always quick to respond to our requirements by email (necessary given that we are in the UK and BE Translating is in Denmark!) and extremely amenable and understanding of our specific needs. We would certainly recommend them.”

 Oxford Brookes Language Services, Oxford Brookes University (UK)

“We have been extremely satisfied with the professional standard at BE-Translating. We have made use of the agency for translations to and from English where we have found it necessary with a linguistic level which we did not possess ourselves at the time. We have received a quick and professional service and we can recommend BE-Translating to other companies.”

– Hans Krog Nielsen, Managing Director, Randi A/S (DK)

“Birgitte Engelbrechtsen of BE-Translating, has been working for thebigword since April 2002 and has translated approximately 19,635 words. In this time she has done work for a variety of clients, and more recently was selected as the approved translator for a major global manufacturer of forklift trucks. In this position she has translated several technical and automotive brochures, plus marketing and advertising material for publication, and the company has always been happy with her work. Birgitte always ensures that her translations are delivered within our specified deadlines and always works in a highly professional manner.”

– Emma Segura, Project Manager, Thebigword (UK)